Stay Warm this Winter with a Wonderful Tracy Stern SALONTEA Recipe

As the winds cool, our  thoughts turn to friends around the table and families in ensemble. Warmth and comfort become paramount as a hostess thinks of the comfort of those around her. So what could be more perfect than to prepare a wonderful, substantial and comforting drink that features the main spice of winter that tells everyone “welcome to my home.”

Just as sage brings excitement to a harvest table, cinnamon brings delight to atmosphere. It’s welcoming aroma calms and soothes. Rich in tradition, cinnamon  is easy to use and most excitingly, can be used not only in desserts, but also in this wonderful drink that will warm the heart and soul of those you’ve brought together. You might even already have all the ingredients on hand, so why not serve this to friends to bring them in out of the cold? 

Chocolate Chai Tea Cognac



  • 1/4 cup cognac
  • 1/4 cup (2 ounces) chocolate Chai tea (recommended: Lover Chocolate Chai)
  • Ice
  • Splash cream
  • Cinnamon sticks


Special equipment: Chocolate Shot Glasses
Shake the cognac and tea together in cocktail shaker with ice. Add cream. Shake and serve in Chocolate Shot Glasses. Add cinnamon stick for garnish.
This wonderful drink serves as the perfect pinnacle to a wonderful meal or evening with friends. The cinnamon sticks are a beautiful and thoughtful garnish. When they fill your home with the aroma of tradition, your guests will not only notice, but feel your efforts to keep them happy and comfortable  in their very souls. 

WINTER WHITE; A Holiday Party with Guests Dressed in White!

The joy of the season resides in good friendships and good times. Since you will surely want to spend a holiday evening hosting dear friends this year, why not choose a dramatic and elegant theme-one that many celebrities use for their parties? This year, encourage your guests to dress in all white and turn your holiday cocktail party into a Winter White Event!

Invitations are a breeze! Simply find white card stock shaped like snowflakes or cut your own! Write messages on them with silver ink and place in white envelopes filled with confetti.  It’s snowing even before the party has begun!

Decor can be simple too. Use white or glass everywhere with touches of silver here and there. Use white tablecloths and dishes. White teacups are easy to find and look great with the fake snow (or coconut flakes) you’ve scattered around the table.  Don’t forget the festive, old-fashioned holiday music and white parting gifts (wrapped tea in mini glass jars).


White linens, white dishes and white food are all perfect for this party.

Winter White parties need not be just for those having big, extravagant affairs. Even if your group is small, this party them is certain to thrill. For more tips and ideas, check out TEA PARTY by Tracy Stern, available from Amazon.

White Chocolate-Dipped Biscotti

Make purchased biscotti more special by dipping them into white chocolate. For an added winter white touch, dip them into white granulated sugar before the chocolate cools completely.

A question that I always seem to be asked is how to be the perfect hostess. I think a good hostess entertains with her guests in the “spotlight”. The focus should be on them!


 It is incumbent upon the hostess to consider the guests and pay particular attention to what they love and prefer.

With the appearance of Spring, there is little doubt that you are ready to invite friends over for an afternoon tea ,delicate brunch or outdoor get-together. It is usually with great eagerness that I look forward to decorating with  lovely light colors and the delicate trimmings of the season. More importantly, however, is your determination to host with the preferences and concerns of  guests in mind. Showing each of them that you have taken a moment to consider their tastes, desires and preferences will make an impression bigger than if you had rented a giant arena for your affair. 

A lovely way to honor your attendees at your Spring soiree is to find out in advance what flower each guests just loves. Everyone adores flowers and isn’t it amusing that we all have a favorite? This information can be easily and covertly gathered from spouses and friends, even children and personal assistants. If impossible, finding out the favorite color of your guest (ask for this on your party invitation) can be all the information you need. Simply find a coordinating bloom! 

Then, compose a small, personal arrangement for each guest in attendance. Evince each with a plant stake that sports their name. If space allows, each arrangement can also serve as a place card. This lovely offering will leave little doubt that you, as a host, care deeply about even the smallest things that enamor your guests. As a final, warm gesture, you can present the arrangement to each guest as a parting gift, a reminder of your adoration for them. 

It is doubtful that in the years to come what you served at your Spring brunch will be remembered or discussed. I am almost certain that it will be hard for your guests to remember what they wore on that day. But what will stay with them forever will be the grace and kindness you showed by finding out what they loved and giving it to them. 


We have recently had the honor of being asked to serve Tracy Stern SALONTEA  at the NBA ALL-STAR SUITE. We will be serving “The Player”, a fine estate black tea combination to All-Star players such as:

  • Lebron James
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Derrick Rose
  • Dwayne Wade
  • Dwight Howard
  • Kevin Durant
  • Carmelo Anthony
  • Blake Griffin

We will also gift the All-Stars with a tea canister to take home and some samples of our tasty lip balm. Get in the game and purchase your own SALONTEA: The Player fine tea by visiting our exclusive online boutique here.